Sunday roster

Sunday sailing and the canteen is run by volunteers.

All members (or their parents) need to do 3 duties on Sundays each season (Sept-April), to ensure sailing days run smoothly.

We use SignUpGenius to manage the roster. Links here (Sept to Dec 2023) and here (Jan to April 2024). See image for instructions, and text below for explanations of each role.


Officer of the Day (OOD) and Assistant OOD

The OOD manages the club during the afternoon racing /sailing and, among other things, ensures club boats, radios and other equipment is made ready for use.  Boats are refuelled and racing marks are laid during the day and all equipment is cleaned and stored at the end of the day. As the role involved driving the larger club boats a NSW Boat Licence is required.

The OOD is expected to arrive about 11am and finish at about 5.00pm.

The AOOD assists the OOD (primarily helping lay/retrieve buoys, hauling/packing away rescue boats, and helping on-water rescues). A boat licence is NOT required, so inexperienced members, parents etc are encouraged to nominate for AOOD duties. In fact, a NSW Boat Licence can be gained partly by doing AOOD duties – the on-water logging can be signed off by the OOD.

The AOOD is expected to arrive at midday and finish at about 5.00pm.

Canteen Helper

The Canteen runs from about 8.30am until 1.00pm. It offers a reasonable breakfast and lunch to members as well as selling hot and cold drinks, a variety of bread rolls, pies and sausage rolls, pastries and confectionery.

Help with whatever needs to be done running the canteen, from 8.30am - 1pm. Adults can pick a shorter slot, but might be asked to shop at Woolies on the way.

Duty Officer (DXO)

The DXO role is filled by club Committee members. The DXO is responsible for the security of the Club facilities and assets on the day, unlocking and locking up. All day.

There is no Club Officer responsible for re-allocation of roster appointments.

If a member fails to meet his or her roster commitment or find a substitute, an event may need to be cancelled without notice.