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Northbridge Sailing Club


I acknowledge that by paying applicable Membership and associated fees (including any Joining fee, annual subscription and any other fee applicable as imposed by Northbridge Sailing Club Ltd (the “Club”)) either on my own behalf or on behalf of my family (in case of a family membership) or on behalf of my child/children (in the case of a junior membership) I, my family and/or my child(ren) become members of the Club for the period backdated to 1 September of the “sailing season” (defined as the period from 1 September to 30 April the subsequent year) during which the membership and associated fees are paid. The membership continues to be current until 1 September of the calendar year in which the April of that sailing season falls.

Renewal of Membership and associated fees are payable by 30 September each year. If membership and associated fees as set out in the membership application/renewal form and any other notice sent by the Club (including any notice of arrears of fees and charges not paid) in respect of the applicable sailing season are not paid by 1 November of the current sailing season the individual, family or junior membership is considered to have lapsed. The Club reserves the right to reinstate membership at its discretion if payment is received after that date but is not obliged to do so.This renewal timeframe does not apply to Winter Members.

Notwithstanding the ceasing of a membership, by initially entering into a membership of the club the person, family or parent of junior who did join the Club in the past remains liable to pay the club any outstanding fees or charges properly levied by the Club including any outstanding racking fees and additional charges. I acknowledge that I cease to become a member of the Club if I fail to fully pay my annual membership fees and any other fees or charges by 1 November of the applicable “sailing season” year.

I understand that if my boat or any boat owned by a member of my family is racked and stored at the premises of Northbridge Sailing Club Ltd (the “Club”) at my/our own risk and that the Club and its members accept no liability or responsibility for any damage or loss to the boat whilst at the Club.

I warrant that any boat owned by me or my family entered into races at the Club has 3rd party personal and property liability insurance with a minimum cover of $10,000, 000.

I agree to indemnify the Club against any claim arising from any damage or loss in relation to the stored boat, including its hull and all equipment associated with the boat. I agree to the “Rules for Use of Boat Bays” in the Club Handbook. I agree to pay the racking fee applicable to the type of boat as fixed by the Club each year and agree that I am liable for any accrued arrears of racking fees.

I agree to remove my boat within 14 days of my ceasing to be a member of the Club and or within 14 days of selling my boat. I agree to pay an additional charge equivalent to the current annual racking fee that may be imposed by the Club for failure to meet annual racking fees or failure to comply with the paragraph above.

I agree I have read and understood the above and Disclaimer of Liability and Risk Warning notice and agree that it applies to me and, if applicable, my family.



Pursuant to the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) Northbridge Sailing Club Limited (the “Club”) issues the follow warning to all persons participating in activities at the Club both on the water and land.

The Club organizes, administers and conducts a range of activities associated with the sport and recreational activities of sailing, boating and water activities generally; some of these activities are organized in conjunction with other associations or bodies. The Club expects all club members and any other persons who may be participating in these activities to take responsibility for their own safety (and the safety of any persons under their care) by, amongst other things, wearing compulsory safety equipment being aware of and following The Club rules and safety rules in The Club Handbook and by behaving in a safe and reasonable manner towards fellow members, participants in the activities and any officials; and taking care of The Club’s equipment, their equipment and that of any other member, participant or official.

Whilst The Club takes measures to make the activities (including sporting activities) as safe as possible for all participants, there is an inherent risk that participants can be injured and suffer loss (including financial loss) and damage as a result of their participation in these activities, whether in formal races, training or any activity that could have an association with The Club. Injury or damage may result from the participant’s action or inaction, the action or inaction of others, or equipment failure, inadequacy, malfunction, misuse or similar. Sailing is a potentially dangerous activity, with an inherent risk of injury, loss or damage. It is possible that an injury can be serious, could result in temporary or permanent disability and/or be life threatening or fatal. Members or any participants could also suffer loss as a result of their personal property (or any property for which they are responsible) being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

As a member and/or as the person responsible for a family or junior membership I acknowledge that:

  • I have read and understand and accept this risk warning and disclaimer and acknowledge that I, (and my family and/or child where applicable) participate in Club activities at our own risk and responsibility;
  • The Club and its members do not accept any liability for personal injury, death or damage arising from or in any way connected to any activity at the Club;
  • The Club and its members are not responsible for the consequences of the use of any boat or equipment used in Club activities;
  • I release the Club and its members from any claim or liability whatsoever from any injury, damage or loss occasioned by me and/or my family;
  • In an emergency I authorize the Club to arrange medical treatment for me and/or family member as may be considered appropriate in the circumstances, and undertake to pay or reimburse costs associated with that, whilst acknowledging the Club and its members are not to be held responsible for the consequences of such treatment;
  • I and/or my family agree to be bound by the current Racing Rules of Sailing and the Prescriptions and Special Regulations of Australian Sailing and the Club rules set out in the Club Handbook and that any boat entered in any Club event comply with those rules and regulations;